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Super Gro was started about fifteen years ago on the West Coast of South Africa. Its main ingredient, seabird guano gets collected from eight different sites along the West Coast under supervision of the South African Nature Conservation, to ensure that all of the birds and their nesting sites stay protected and minimal disturbance takes place.
The beauty of Super Gro is that it is devoid of chemicals or synthetic substances which have made it to be safer for human health because it has no chemical residue that could remain in the agriculture produce and put human life in grave jeopardy in the process of consumption. It does not have any chemical substance therein that could subsequently destroy the soil. Super Gro has numerous advantages over the synthetic or chemical fertilizer.
Also, Super Gro is a high performance adjuvant. That is something that helps something else do a better or more thorough job. It helps other crop treatments including fertilizer, pesticides and fungicides penetrate deeper, stick better and deliver nutrients more effectively. Super Gro has been proven to increase crop yield by 167% more than crop treatment alone can provide. It also acts as emulsifiers to disperse oils and dispersing agent, to reduce adhesion between particles of chemicals, so they will spread and remain in solution longer

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